Solar powered.

Solar powered.

HYRE Wireless solar panel

The HYRE Wireless solar panel is weatherproof, lightweight and robust. It folds into the area of an A5 paper sheet which allows you to transport it in your backpack, ski sleigh, canoe, kayak or bike. The product unfolds into four solar panels capable of charging the HYRE Wireless power bank or any device prepared for wireless power transfer. It has attachment points for easy portage and the power bank is held in place by a rubber strap if transported or by magnets when stationary.

The HYRE Wireless solar panel will move with you when you set it out to generate power while you are hiking, skiing, boating, biking, bathing on the beach or relaxing in a park. It allows you to move through every moment of your outdoor life without holding you back.


15W solar panel


Up to 10W USB charging with wireless to cable adapter charging your cameras, GoPro or other portable devices.

Charges your phone within 1 to 2 hours

Charges HYRE Wireless power bank from 50 to 100% in 2,5 hours

Charges HYRE or your phone wirelessly

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