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Presale and production

The presale has been open for a little over a week - and what a flying start!


The HYRE products are selling at a steady pace. Currently we have sold for more than NOK 170 000. This is a great start, and sufficient for us to go ahead with production preparations. 

We are in a dialogue with manufacturers of both plastic shells and circuit boards, as well as companies who will test and certify our products. We wish to manufacture as much as possible locally in Norway and Europe. We are also working intensely with testing of the electronics and optimizing the power transfer; we have measured power transfer efficiency of up to 90% by use of our resonant-inductive technology, which compares to the efficiency achieved with regular cable couplings. It may still be improved, or in the words of our power electronics expert Nick, “It’s all a game of resonance”.

Our solar panels will be manufactured in China and the Corona virus is causing us some challenges, but so far it does not seem to cause a delay of our first delivery. Anyway, we have exciting weeks and months ahead!

We are now adding a new milestone to our presale, this time at NOK 300 000. When we reach this goal, everyone who has purchased one or more of our products will receive a free HYRE Voile strap, worth NOK 70!

The presale is open until March 31, so if you still have not secured a wireless powerbank, our good looking charging plate, or the “full package” including the lamp and solar panel, it is still not too late. Feel free to tip anyone about our products. We wish of course that as many as possible get the opportunity to pre purchase HYRE products. 

As we opened the presale, observant followers tipped us that micro USB for the charging plate was not a great choice for future use, and that we should rather go for USB-C. We quickly changed the charging plate connection to USB-C, as we had already done for the lamp. Since our products have not yet been manufactured, there is still room for change. If you have suggestions for improvements which may make HYRE even better, we are eagerly listening!

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