From idea to production


We discovered some old prototypes in a box in our office, and took a trip down memory lane. It all started with the power bank..

Creating a product from idea to finish, is a process. It has been a ride from the idea, to where we are now. We can’t wait until the finished products of the first batch are in the hands of you! 

The first prototypes. Looks quite different from now (image 1 & 2).

After a while, it started to look like something we know - a design inspired by stones. Read the story about HYRE as a cairn (varde in norwegian) here.

Choosing a shape.. (image 3, 4 &5)

As you can see, the design has gone through some changes. We can not count how many times we have adjusted something on the product design, the size of the hole and size and shape of the product. Yes, we are perfectionists!

For us, form is not just about how things look - but also about how it feels. The surface, the weight, the shape and the story it tells. HYRE power bank may never be quite finished in terms of design, because there will always be something to improve. But the first generation sure is an eye-catcher, if you ask us (last image).


The Hybrid Recharger is launching on Kickstarter January 15th, 2019

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