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Covid-19 - How it affects us


‍At Altered Power we are of course also affected by COVID-19.

We work from home and do what we can to deliver the HYRE products on time. We are still working with manufacturing preparations and can do most of the tasks from our home offices. We hope, as everyone else does, that the situation will normalize in a couple of months, which is when we plan to enter production stage. Our partners in China have already restarted their production lines and we hope and assume that the European factories will keep their wheels spinning. In any case, we will keep you informed of the status in our newsletters. 

That being said, we are extremely grateful for your support by pre purchasing our products through our crowdfunding campaign at The campaign is fortunately unaffected by both quarantine and isolation, and runs as planned until March 31. It is still not too late (for Norwegian customers) to pre purchase discounted HYRE products, but only 16 full packages at 50% discount remain!

To everyone affected by the crisis situation we are all in: Stay together by keeping distance! We are so much looking forward to delivering our products and actually using them where they belong: In the nature.

All of us in Altered Power,

Anders, Are, Nick, Renate, Bendik and Hallgeir