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From Thelon's sources towards Great Slave Lake


Meet HYRE Ambassadors Marius Hatle and Kai Voldengen!



Marius and Kai are above average avid outdoorsmen. Both as familymen and going on expeditions well off the beaten track together. We can confidently say that they thrive off-grid, making them perfect ambassadors and testers of our products.

Both have long experience in outdoor life. Marius has among other things crossed Greenland and in 2018 he traveled to northwest Canada, in search of Helge Ingstad's winter quarters, where Ingstad stayed through the winter of 1929. Together, Marius and Kai have also been on several long trips in Femundsmarka. You can read more about Ingstad's experiences in the book "Pelsjegerliv", while Marius's trip can be found here.

In 2021, they will again travel to Canada's wilderness, in search of more traces of Helge Ingstad's life as “pelsjeger”, hunting for furs. The planning of this tour is already well underway and among the equipment they will bring are various HYRE products. We are of course proud that they choose to bring our products, but at the same time also confident that HYRE will meet the energy needs they have on the trip, regardless of the weather.

Both are educated policemen and have extensive experience from the police profession, both in management and teaching. In addition, both have diverse sports interests. We look forward to getting to know Marius and Kai better and to hear about preparations for the Canada trip and when that time comes, its implementation. You can also follow them directly on Marius' instagram account @mariushatle.

To be continued.