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HYRE in beautiful Valldal


In Valldal, you find almost anything you can wish for of Norwegian nature. Canyoning and rafting between steep mountainsides, challenging summits, relaxing paddling routes and a good night’s sleep surrounded by the lovely and peaceful Norwegian flora.

Valldal Naturopplevingar (meaning Valldal nature experiences) is located in the cosy center of Valldal, but operates all over the Sunnmøre region, from the deep valleys in Storfjorden to the heights of Trollstigen. Every day, they bring visitors to adventures in all kinds of weather. This sets high standards of equipment and safety, and therefore high standards when the HYRE products are going to be put to the test. We are proud that Valldal Naturopplevingar wants to be part of documenting the world’s best power bank!

Erlend K. Ringstad owns and runs the business, and is also a tour guide himself. He is familiar with similar technology from when he conquered the lenght of Norway on a bicycle in 2014 with a solar panel and a power bank in his backpack. Back then with a mixed level of satisfaction. Erlend is also an experienced mountain hiker and skier, and he is curious to find out if HYRE can compete with his current power bank favorite.

“We are very much looking forward to trying out HYRE! I think the products can bring an even higher aspect of safety and flexibility in what we can offer our guests. It is also of great importance being able to always being connected on the company’s social media accounts. This is one of the challenges of doing business based on the outdoors. Last but not least, it is a great and valuable bonus that HYRE is all about that green energy!” - Erlend K. Ringstad, CEO of Valldal Naturopplevingar  

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