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Ready, set, production!


We are happy to announce that the long development period of HYRE finally has led us to the start of production. More specifically, the production of the circuit boards and the tools for plastic production. Today we received 42 000 magnets to our office in Bergen, ready to be connected. Many of our chosen suppliers and partners are located in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe. This is something we are proud of, and we will share more about them during the next weeks.

There are many challenges that arise during the process of developing ready-to-deliver products, also in regards to what is going on within technology development in the market. Quite recently, our founder had a couple of sleepless nights after discovering what Apple is up to. Those of us who have been following the technology world lately, know that Apple has launched a charging solution following the same principle as our HYRE wireless charging pad. First, they released the new product AirPower, a charging pad you could place your smart phone on regardless of positioning. This turned out not to meet Apple’s desired standards, and suddenly it became very exciting to follow how they came to solve this. Now it turns out they have chosen magnets as a positioning method to increase power and reduce overheating, which is the same method we use in our HYRE product line. This means that the iPhone 12 has a magnetic charging zone on the back. 

This is of course a pleasant confirmation that our decisions in the process of development have been smart. Nevertheless, it also made us question how well HYRE would function used with Apple’s latest models. New issues arose, and we were faced with decisions that could delay production even further. Based on our values of user satisfaction, we made the necessary adjustments for HYRE to be compatible with Apple, and thus extended the timeline by a few more weeks.  

Hard work is put down in order to deliver HYRE as soon as possible. We know this will result in a product line that we can be proud of. To all of you waiting for your product - thanks again for your kind patience!