FRI FRAKT på ordre over 1999,-

Inspired by history

Inspired by history


Did Nikola Tesla build cars or does he have a link to our electronic design?

We have become dependent on batteries for outdoor activities, we will be able to connect, share and be safe when using our electrical devices.

Powerbanks have limited power, so the solution is to develop a system where you can capture, store and use the energy, anywhere and anytime.

HYRE design is all about finding the efficient power flow.  We are gathering the sun, wind and water energy and make it usable for your equipment, the transition of energy results in significantly electronic design.

Our primary technology is wireless power transfer. It's commonly known that air is not conducting voltage easily, you have to touch an open wire at home before you get any electric shock. However the idea of wireless power is quite interesting, even it's not new. The scientist Nikola Tesla did research with transferring signals and energy with high frequency and voltage by using resonance after 1890.

Today´s wireless power design uses the same principles, but the energy is contained and harmless. The principal is simple, but the perfectionism in the design of electromagnetic force is though. We support the QI wireless standard used in most of the new  phones today, but we also use our own design to optimize efficiency for wireless light and other equipment.

By harvesting the energy that surrounds us, our Hybrid Recharger provides you with a continuous and reliable power flow.

We will strive for a wireless future.