FRI FRAKT på ordre over 1999,-

Influenced by nature

Product design influenced by nature


A product is meant to fulfill a need, or solve a problem - and is merely a tool to achieve this. A product is always a part of a context. Design is about coming up with the best possible compromise between all the factors which influence the development of a product. It´s about finding the best possible balance between form and function.

Form is not just about how things look - but also about how it feels. The surface, the weight, the shape and about the story it tells.

The Hyre concept is inspired by the concept of Varde.

Varde (cairn) is the ancient Norwegian way to mark a path or a trail, or a peak, by stacking stones on top of each other. Enabling communication between villages and ensure safe travels. It was also used to signal over great distances through a system of vetar (burning cairns). Even today we have a huge system of cairns marking the trails in the Norwegian mountains. Building a varde by putting a stone on top of another is possible the first way man cultivated nature.

Varde is connecting the sea, the fjords and the mountains with the civilization, it enables humans to explore, but still be connected.  The idea is the same with Hyre, we will ensure available energy, so you can have fun and be safe when you are exploring. By collecting the natural resources, you can go from one to another Hyre-“varde” and recharge, so you can decide yourself how far you will travel.

The form of the powerbank is like a stone, a balance between geometric stone shapes and organic shapes from the natural force grinded stone edges.  You can stack the solar panel and the powerbank as a “varde”.  When you are in a tent in the evening, you may build a new “varde” with battery and a tent lamp with USB.

We are always aiming higher and will encourage people to expand their outdoor experience.  Hike more and stay longer outdoor, play more in the snow, waves, rivers and mountains or just go out camp and enjoy a campfire with friends.

We gather inspiration from the nature when designing our products, we use Hyre and enjoy outdoor experience and get more creativeness for new design adventures.