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What is HYRE?

What is HYRE?


HYRE is a wireless battery pack.

Just as your mobile phone, HYRE is charged wirelessly. It also charges other devices, such as your mobile phone, wirelessly. In fact, it is the first battery pack receiving and transmitting power only wirelessly. This means you can use it outdoors, in any weather, without being afraid that water, dust or ice will ruin the USB ports. HYRE also has internal heating to allow charging in low temperatures. 

We will also introduce a wireless solar panel. The solar panel is foldable to fit into your backpack when it is not in use. But why not use it while you are on the move? It can also be folded out and used while you are walking. You can charge the HYRE battery or your mobile phone directly, without using any cables. 

Anyone who has travelled outdoors with power banks know the hassle: The power banks must be kept dry and only work in plus-zero temperatures, limiting you to charge your electronic devices in camp at night, preferably inside your tent or maybe even in your sleeping bag. All this is avoided by using HYRE. 

Not all devices can be charged wirelessly, we know. We also supply HYRE with an external connection pad to charge devices needing cable connection.