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Half Nature.
Half Science.

Our story


Devices such as cell phones, headlights, action-cameras, watches, GPS trackers, drones and many others have become essential for our outdoor activities.  With time we have become dependent on batteries, especially given our increasingly mobile life styles.

Electronic equipment often increases our sense of security and enables us to always be connected to friends and family. There is, however, a sense of liability in having to ensure that our multitude of devices are always charged. It also results in a capacity concern.

"Existing solutions for generating charging on demand is not convenient or robust”

Data is essentially wireless with the use of Bluetooth or wifi, but power transfer technology is lags behind by currenly only having a few wireless solutions.

We carry a lot of weight due to all of our battery driven equipment, and this can inhibit our outdoor activities and experience. The use of multiple batteries also affects the environment due to its metals and chemicals.


Our mission is to forge the path to a wireless world. A world where power flows from nature to wherever and whenever it is needed, all while you are enjoying your outdoor activities. It’s about playing in harmony with nature and science.

“Fewer batteries and pure energy source create the possibility of a more comfortable and environment-friendly experience of nature”

We will not only help you be more mobile and ensure you are connected at all times, but we will also reduce battery-production by providing power flow directly to the device you are using.

This is HYRE. The Hybrid Recharger that will be able to directly power up lights, heaters, and other products. HYRE will be the wireless power bank that fits all of your devices.

Our wireless products are robust and completely waterproof. HYRE supports the wireless QI standard and ensures compatibility with any commercial QI charger.
With our transformation technology, you now have the freedom to charge all your devices with built-in batteries including laptops.

By harvesting the energy that surrounds us, our power bank provides you with a continuous and reliable power flow. HYRE uses hydro, wind and solar energy to recharge all types of devices.

Connected by nature

Our proven equipment will keep you safe and connected when needed. The diversity of renewable energy sources and technologies empower you to generate your own energy at any place and any time.

We eliminate capacity concern by creating limitless power flow. By doing so we will improve and extend your positive experiences of the outdoors.