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HYRE Wireless energy kit

HYRE Wireless energy kit


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HYRE Wireless energy kit including all the products of the HYRE series!

Value 385.38 EUR

Includes the following:

1x HYRE Wireless power bank

1x HYRE Wireless solar panel

1x HYRE Wireless lamp

1x HYRE Wireless charging pad

1x Voile strap

1x USB Cable


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Terms & Condtions

Get the

HYRE Wireless energy kit



Terms & Condtions

Get the maximum HYRE-experience by using the products together.

HYRE Wireless power bank
The power bank is the core of the HYRE product line. Our rugged power bank is dustproof, waterproof, and Qi-compliant to receive and transmit power wirelessly. It will be the backbone of the HYRE Wireless lamp, and future products developed by HYRE. HYRE Wireless power bank is the size of a mobile phone, which allows it to fit into pockets and small cargo spaces.
The power bank can be charged from a renewable source, using one of the HYRE charging options, or by a regular wireless power charger (Qi) you can buy in any electrical store.

HYRE Wireless solar panel
This handy solar panel collects the renewable energy you need to charge your devices. To activate the transmission, you simply place HYRE Wireless power bank on the panel’s charging surface. You can also charge your devices directly from the panel or place your device on top of the power bank and charge both simultaneously.
HYRE Wireless solar panel is weatherproof, lightweight and robust. It easily fits into your backpack, sled, canoe, kayak or bike pannier.
Charges all Qi compatible products.
Reinforced holes in the corners for attachment.
Units can be attached by a strap and are held in place by magnets while charging.

HYRE Wireless lamp
HYRE Wireless lamp is one of a kind, and functions as the sidekick of HYRE Wireless power bank. Illuminate your tent or cabin space simply by placing the lamp on the power bank - the built-in magnets will hold it in place. The lamp is also perfect as your everyday helper when in need of extra light.
As a bonus, HYRE Wireless lamp comes with two USB-C ports for charging of non-Qi-compatible products.

HYRE Wireless charging pad

A decorative and functional addition to your household - this charging pad made of solid oak comes with USB-C and keeps your HYRE Wireless power bank fully charged even on the most rainy days. Of course it is also perfect for charging all other products supporting Qi standard (wireless charging).

User manual

This product is also part of a bundle with discount - HYRE Wireless energy kit

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